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Norman Thiel (ANF)

Library: vapor_toolkit V15.11
On 7. October 2001 version 15.11 of the 'vapor_toolkit' library was released. The vapor_toolkit.library is a library of support functions which are used by most Vapor applications and thus can be shared to reduce individual application code size. Changes since version 15.8:
  • more error checking in the library initialization (Zapek)
  • optimized memory usage for some functions (Zapek)
  • added "html" as built-in file extension (Zapek)
  • rewrote MIME handling functions. Much faster and more efficient (Zapek)
  • fixed a potential crash from VAT's ARexx handler (Zapek)
  • fixed the saving path of MIME entries not being always set :o) (Zapek)
  • fixed the ARexx handler task crashing when the library was flushed then reloaded again (Zapek)
  • fixed MIME extensions list which would only add the first one of each mimetype :o) (Zapek)
  • fixed screwup in the class dir handling :o) (Zapek)

Download: vapor_toolkit_1511.lzx (54K) (sd) (Translation: mj)

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