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Virus Help Denmark

Virus Help Denmark: Safe V17.3
On October 10th 2001 Virus Help Denmark released version 17.3 of the virus detector 'Safe' by Zbigniew Trzcionkowski. 'Safe' recognizes viruses in the computer's RAM and removes them if this is possible. Compared to version 17.1 the following has changed:
  • small fixes
  • added WatchDog 1.1 with very unknown bug fixed and improved security.
  • added new versions of CHECK and COMP, now they support <CTRL>+C, so any wrong operation can be easily interrupted
  • added warning:
'Safe' runs on AmigaOS V2.04 and above and requires the xvs.library.

Download: Safe.lha (25K), Readme (sd) (Translation: rh)

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