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Amiga meeting Bad Bramstedt: Webcam, DCE, Amithlon
Some new information abot the Amiga meeting taking place right now in Bad Bramstedt:

The webcam there is now working. Going to automatically opens a small popup window showing a new picture every minute.

Important for AWeb users: switch off the function 'suppress banner window' in the browser settings/'1 options' as it won't work otherwise.

Additionally will more pictures of the meeting be released on the homepage.

Mister Dellert from DCE arrived at around 12.15 h and just puts up two computers with G-REX PCI board. People here are already eager about the things that will be shown on these systems later.

There's also an interview with Mr. Dellert planned later that will be released, too.

Torsten Gruner, Thorsten Hansen and Jörn Plewka from KATO Development are at the meeting and show Amithlon live. The interested user may take a picture of the power and the possibilities of the AmigaOS under Amithlon on up-to-date PC hardware.

The Amithlon co-developer Thorsten Hansen, from KATO, will introduce his own developing system and is fond on answering questions by interested users.

People who want to visit the meeting taking place until Sunday midday are very welcome.

Sources: (sd) (Translation: wk)

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