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Czech Amiga News

ExoticA: SID collection updated and new logo
On 13. October 2001 the ExoticA website was updated. This site deals with the musical capabilities and the history of the Amiga.

ExoticA's Mirror, the 'High Voltage SID Collection' was updated to version 43. This collection now contains 16.986 pieces of C64-music.

Per HTML-Interface these are available for download in a big tar.gzip archive (HVSC.tar.gz).

What has changed in this archive can be taken from the announcement text. Detailed information about the changes are part of the update-logs in the DOCUMENTS directory.

There is a new logo by Yon Iris on the start page of ExoticA, which strongly differs in style from the previous one.

If other artists also would like to see their works on this start page please, contact buzz for further information. (sd) (Translation: mj)

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