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Alex Goedert

Draco: Interest in PPC and Grafikkarte?
Alex Goedert wrote:


I am currently making some inquiries about how much you out there are interested in a new fast, high-resolution graphic board and/or a faster CPU-addon-card with a UW-SCSI controller for the DRACO-system.

A hardware developer must have some strong evidences that his developments will be bought after the release. I think that everyone knows that such a development is expensive and time consuming.

I would like to please everyone who is interested in these devices to mail me.

Please do not discuss if it is worth it.

Furthermore the follwing would be a great help:
  • wiring of the DRACO-tower or DRACO-cube
  • Volunteers that make theire DRACO-systems available for hardware-development
  • People able to give some programming aid

Thanks a lot

Alex (sd)

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