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Virus Help Denmark

Virus Help Denmark: VirusExecutor V2.22
There is a new version (2.22) of 'VirusExecutor' available. This version contains the following bugfixes:
  • Fixed bug when renaming VirusExecutor. No more modified error.
  • If you have unknown patches, the patch window pops up twice at startup. Fixed.
  • If you have an unknown patch and then run a program with a known patch, the patch window pops up with the same unknown patches. No need for that. Fixed.
  • Got some complaint about the flashy check box around the clock when checking memory/patches. Fixed.
  • Added "real" name to Shell programs in 'Show tasks'. Thanks to Harry Sintonen for the code.
  • Fixed bug in dos.library LVO-names.
  • Added czech catalog. Thanks to Roman Brychta.
  • Fixed small bug in the install script.
  • Added 'Write to log file'-flag to the preferences.
  • Added an Iconify option to the project menu. See also the preferences if you want to iconify at startup.
  • Fixed Enforcer hit when KickTagPtr was zero. Thanks to Joerg Riemer for finding this hit.
  • Added recog for hidden executable files inside installer scripts.
  • Added hunk structure check of VirusExecutor.
  • Fixed hit in the memory monitor when RAM has no name. Thanks to Harry Sintonen for finding this hit.
  • If the xvs.libray somehow has been disabled, VE will tell you so. Thanks to Zeeball for this tip.
System requirements:
  • AmigaOS V2.04+
  • reqtools.library V38.11+
  • xvs.library V33.13+
  • xfdmaster.library V38.6+

Download: VirusExecutor.lha (298K), Readme (sd) (Translation: sk)

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