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Jörg Brenner (ANF)

Lexsite: New update of hardware-website
Today Lexsite hase been updated. The following things have been added:

Description, photos and gallery-pictures of
  • Commodore A1060 Sidecar (XT-emulator for A1000)
  • Kupke Golem HD 3000 (ST-506-controller for Zorro II)
  • Datel Action Replay III A2000 (Freezer)

Photos and gallery-pictures of
  • GVP EGS 28/24 Spectrum (RTG-graphic adapter)
  • Village Tronic Picasso II (RTG-graphic adapter)
  • X-Pert Merlin (RTG-graphic adapter)
  • HK-Computer Vector Connection (interface adapter)
  • RBM IOBlix (interface adapter)

Description of
  • ArMax oMniBus (RTG-graphic adapter)

In addition all extensions which are supported by Linux and/or NetBSD have got a corresponding comment. By the way we are still looking for Amiga magazines from 1987 to 1993 especially from England and USA - we would be pleased if some poeple could give support to us. Generally scans of the according magazines are sufficient. Please contact us before sending it.

Last but not least: Thanks a lot to all which have sent us pictures of extensions! (ps) (Translation: dr)

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