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Achim Stegemann (ANF)

Digital Almanac III - update announcement
A new update for the Amiga astronomy program "Digital Almanac III" version 4.2 can be expected bevore long. A certain release date was not determined, yet.

New features:
  • Enhanced formula for the moon's brightness.
  • The DA screen now is puclic (public screen).
  • The Bayer/Flamsteed database has been enhanced.
  • Online information of several hundreds of stars!
  • Selection of different Internet sites for constellation descriptions via context menu in the star window.
  • Small bug in the accuracy matrix fixed (but did not affect due to low values).
  • URLs in the planet window called wrong Internet sites.
  • When opening a project file on program start (CLI or WB) accidently a screen mode request was done.
If Harald Frank will agree and there will be time enough DA III perhaps will be presented running on the new Amithlon/AmigaXL on the Amiga meeting of the Amiga-Freunde-Pfalz in Mutterstadt, Germany, on 19. Oktober to show the new emulator's performance by an scientific program. But this cannot be guaranteed at this time and cannot be checked before the meeting. (ps) (Translation: mj)

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