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Mikey C (ANF)

Event: World of Amiga South East
So are we! On Saturday 3rd of November 2001 the World of Amiga Southeast show is taking place at Poplars Hall, Shenfield, Essex, UK.
This is the ideal opportunity for you to come along and show all those who that think the Amiga market is dead where they can shove it!

We have worked tirelessly to bring you some of the biggest names in the Amiga Industry to World of Amiga Southeast 2001

Amiga, Elbox, Eyetech, Cloanto, & Pagan Games are amongst those who are attending the show ready to see in the new era of Amiga Computing with the eminent launch of the AmigaOne/SharkPPC Zico Spec Machines and beyond. James Daniels, Paul Burkey and Fleecy Moss are just some of the Amiga Celebes will be in attendance at WoA Southeast.

However, all our hard work will be for nothing if we have a poor turnout.

We need every one to come along and show the world that we want an alternative to the dull and bloated OS that has afflicted the masses in the computing world.
Sick and tired of all the doom and gloom in the Amiga market?
In short we want a new Amiga, and just because an Amiga Magazine shuts down, it doesn't mean that the existing Amiga dealers have suddenly ceased to exist or have gone elsewhere.
So turn up to WOA Southeast and support Amiga, Fore-Matt Home Computing, Weird Science, Stellar Dreams, Elbox, Clubbed Magazine, Cloanto, Eyetech, 100%Amiga, VP, and many more by coming along on the day.
Many retailers need shows like WoA Southeast to keep their commitment and businesses going until the next generation Amiga takes off.

Let's make the doom mongers eat a big shitcake, turn up and do us proud!

For more details on advance ticket ordering, full list of exhibitors, discussion forums and how to get there please visit

Michael Carrillo (aka Mikey C)
World of Amiga Southeast, Exhibitor, Media and Public Relations. ()

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