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Daniel Orth (ANF)

amiga-topcool is back
After a longer period of "thinking" the Amiga print magazine makes its presence felt again: colored and round. That means, from the autumn issue on will the amiga-topcool be released as CD-ROM rather than a print magazine. This can be expected by the subscribers:

  • A colored layout that's orientated along the print layout but readable in HTML format.
  • More pages as we aren't depending on printing costs anymore.
  • The possibility to advertise one's Amiga club to the max - 10 MB memory is space available for free for every Amiga club.
  • The latest PD software as well as demo versions.
How many times the amiga-topcool will be issued in the future depends on the drive of the number of free-lance worker that will hopefully grow in the future. The CD will be subdivided as follows:
  • 10 HTML pages up-to-date (interviews, ticker, press releases)
  • 10 HTML pages application (previews, news, reviews, topic)
  • 10 HTML pages game and fun (previews, news, reviews, Classic reviews, cheats)
  • 10 HTML pages community (Amiga club list - with 10 MB memory space per club, retailer list - with web appearances on CD, readers reactions, etc.)
  • software (PD, demos, maybe commercial full versions, too)
Further information will follow in the next days on our Internet site that will get a new look, too. The price of the CD is 10,- DM (including packing). (ps) (Translation: wk)

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