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Paul Cardwell (ANF)

GetBoinged! an Amiga application listings website goes live!
GetBoinged! is a place where Amiga developers can list their applications on, be it for Amiga DE or Classic. It was developed by two Amiga fans, Paul Beel my friend and myself. We do not host the "actual" applications, we allow the developer to point to a location where the application resides (html links).

We invite you to check out at If you cannot find the application you are looking for, feel free to sign up for an account and post the application.

We are currently in the process of gathering Amiga DE applications, Amiga Classic is basically done (both will be updated frequently). If you have a comment or suggestion, feel free to let us know, we want this site to be enjoyable!

We look forward to your visit and hope you enjoy
Thank you,
Paul Cardwell
(ps) (Translation: dr)

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