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Olaf Köbnik (email)

Amiga Arena: "Uropa² HD" full version
With permission by Stephen Smith (Austex Software) the Amiga Arena makes the download of the full version of Uropa² (shareware version 2.0) available. Uropa² is a game based on isometric 3D graphics and lightsource vector graphics. The plot takes place on the moon of Uropa. Fight the evil Kapones and find their leading head that is responsible for their acts!

Available for download is the Aminet version of Uropa² as well as the Amiga Arena archive with the keyfile, German guide and catalogue files.

Hint: Exclusively can the Final Uropa² CD version 3.0, distributed by Vulcan Software, be found as full version on the Amiga Future readers CD 33.

Exclusive II: For all owners of the orginal CD are all Final Updates for Uropa² available for download, too! Including a new intaller for the CD version by Stephen Smith.

Special thanks go to Stephen Smith for the support as well as to Gerd F., who made the shareware version available. Enjoy one more commercial full version! With the best wishes from the Amiga Arena!

Next to Uropa² there are more commercial games available for free and legal download like Burnout, Blade and The Prophet. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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