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Rudolph Riedel (E-Mail)

File manager: DiskMaster 2.5RC1
Rudolph Riedel wrote:
I have uploaded DiskMaster2.5RC1, and on my homepage.

News in short:
  • 2.5RC1 (01-10-30) 71932 bytes
  • DM2 is now localised! German, french and dutch DM2.catalogs are included (english build in)
  • Translators wanted ( also included)
  • COPY and MOVE have a WARN option, so DM2 ask before overwriting files.
  • SELECT knows a new option: COMMENT
  • OPENWINDOW has now a ZOOM option for alternative windowsize and -position
  • Many small improvements
  • Several bugfixes
(ps) (Translation: gf)

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