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Stéphane Campan (E-Mail)

Emulator: WinUAE V08.17 Release 3
Since yesterday, at the download section of the WinUAE homepage version 08.17 release 3 of the Amiga emulator is available.

The following errors are known in this version:
  • Snapshot (save-state) support is not 100% yet.
  • Picasso96 colour-fades are especially slow.
  • Only Lemmings 3 AGA's playing screen is centered correctly, "Lemming-mode" selection buttons on bottom of screen are still corrupted. (AGA bitplanes do not steal copper's DMA cycles correctly yet)
  • Also Banshee AGA's scoreboard is still invisible because sprites outside playfields (AGA only feature, not yet implemented) are always hidden.
Gegenüber der vorigen Version hat sich Folgendes geändert:
  • FIXED: Mouse trails are gone gone gone.
  • FIXED: No longer crashes in windowed-mode on XP Themed-view.
  • FIXED: 68020+ bitfield instruction fix (stuck doors in Dungeon Master AGA)
  • FIXED: Fix garbage display on Venus the Flytrap and Nightbreed Interactive Movie. (Toni Wilen)
  • FIXED: Trying to delete a non-empty directory will now properly return ERROR_DIRECTORY_NOT_EMPTY. (Bernd Roesch)
  • FIXED: Renaming a directory which was opened then closed will no longer crash. (Bernd Roesch)
  • FIXED: Increased the range of addresses checked for memory-mapping, in order to make JIT "direct" mode work on more systems. (Bernd Roesch)
  • FIXED: Selecting a Picasso96 8-bit mode in windowed-mode would complain about not matching your desktop's depth, and switch to full-screen.
  • FIXED: CD-ROM Mounting should work again.
  • FIXED: Installer won't install when WinUAE is already running.
  • FIXED: Right-click and "Editting" a .UAE config-file will now result in the correct config-name and config-description in the GUI.
  • FIXED: MIDI-Out won't crash external MIDI drivers like "hubies loopback". (Bernd Roesch)
  • ADDED: Jose's modifications to the sound routines and GUI. (Jose Gil) NOTE: Read doc called "SoundSyncro Readme.rtf"
  • ADDED: AHI driver support. (Bernd Roesch)
  • ADDED: Option to disable use of overlays completely.
  • CHANGED: Floppy-disk emulation, including .FDI support. (Toni Wilen)
  • CHANGED: Picasso96 licensing/support notice (above).
  • CHANGED: Removed references to "Amiga" in the GUI.

Download: WinUAE0817R3.exe (1,3M) (sd) (Translation: mj)

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