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Robert Williams (ANF)

Goodbye Clubbed... Hello Total Amiga Magazine
South Essex Amiga Link is happy to confirm the announcements about our future plans for Clubbed magazine made at the World of Amiga South East Show on the 3rd of November. In the next few months we plan to make two major improvements to the magazine:

A New Name

From issue 10 "Total Amiga" will be the new name for Clubbed magazine, we hope that this name better reflects the fact that we are a general Amiga magazine and will encourage new readers to give us a try. Along with the new name the magazine will have an extensive redesign but will retain the essential feature of Clubbed, honest down-to-earth writing by real Amiga users.

Bimonthly Publication

With the changes at Amiga Active, Total Amiga is the only regular UK print classic Amiga magazine (as far as we are aware). To help fill this role we want to publish the magazine more regularly, therefore we will be looking to move to bimonthly publication as soon as possible. The main barrier to this is the number of writers on the magazine so in the coming months we will be actively seeking more contributors and we hope to work with the French magazine Amiga Power to share content (translated both ways). Whatever happens issue 10 will still be three months after issue 9 (just published) because we have to transform Clubbed into Total Amiga as well as create the new issue.

About Total Amiga

So far we have published 9 issues of Clubbed and the magazine has been praised for its quality and production values. Each issue has 44 or more A4 pages, a colour cover and is professionally printed. At World of Amiga South East both Fleecy Moss of Amiga and Alan Redhouse of Eyetech endorsed Total Amiga and you can expect to see articles from them in future issues.

The magazine is entirely produced on the Amiga, written by enthusiasts and operates on a not-for-profit basis. We are committed to covering all aspects of the Amiga market and all products aimed at Amiga users in a totally impartial manner.

A 4 issue subscription to Total Amiga costs 14 including UK postage and single trial issues are available for 3.50 inclusive. Overseas subscriptions are available, please see our web site for rates. You can order direct from SEAL by cheque or postal order or via credit card through Forematt Home Computing ( or on-line at Kicksoft (

For more information including details of all back issues please visit: and click on the Clubbed section. An all-new Total Amiga web site with its own domain name will be on-line before the first issue is published. (ps)

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