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Markus Nerding (e-mail)

DTP: PageStream 4.1
After about two years it is done - there is a new version of PageStream. The most significant new feature is the integrated table editor. This was originally planned as an add-on but because of the many requests it was decided to make it an integral part of the package. Further functions are mail merge, control over compression in PDF files, text inset function, object transformation and a higher speed.

The most important new functions:
  • Table editor
  • Built in Mail Merge
  • PDF export control over compression and encoding
  • Text inset from column edges
  • Custom column widths and gutters inside text frames
  • Shift-cursor text selection
  • Move pages between chapters
  • Duplicate/Transform objects across pages
  • Speed improvements
  • and of course much more
Windows, Amiga and Macintosh versions
At the moment only the Windows version of PageStream 4.1 is available. The Amiga and Macintosh versions will follow shortly.

More information on this on the PageStream homepage at the title link. (ps) (Translation: rh)

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