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Hynek Schlawack (E-Mail)

SimpleMail V0.12
SimpleMail V0.12 released. Due to an exploit in MUI in combination with some PIPE-handlers we have released a new version now, everybody actually should update, as the old version has a really nasty security problem. The changes are:
  • Fix for the MUI exploit.
  • Messages can be also encrypted with PGP 2.6.x.
  • Switching away of columns in the message list is possible now. (save it via "Save Prefs")
  • Completation of email-addresses improved.
  • A small menu added to the readwindow that makes it possible to see the raw mail.
  • Mousewheel support of the readwindow is more tolerant now.
  • The attachments are better identified if you have OS3.9 and DefIcons. You can double-click on an icon to start an action (needs also OS3.9 and DefIcons, e.g. double-click on an archive will start UnArc in the default config of DefIcons).
  • Printing of messages and text-attachments is possible now.
Download: simplemail.lha (240 KB) (ps)

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