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Martin R. Elsner (E-Mail)

Tool: Martin R. Elsner on 'StopMenu'
Martin R. Elsner wrote:


just now on St.Martin's day I have some bad and good news for you.

The bad: I will stop development of StopMenu. In the last weeks I worked with full power on StopMenu - only to rename the variables and functions (some still polish or whatever), to add some commentaries (there were quiet none) and to try to change some parts. As final surprise one of many tests made my Amiga crash and thereby destroyed the source code, the work of many days. This and the belief that changing StopMenu is harder and needs more time than writing an own program caused my decision. StopMenu was not only bad written and commented (well, it has grown piecewise and has got the errors from both programmers ;) - no, it also has some very restricting, old fashioned program parts that should be replaced by a modern method.

Before you get the possibility to jump out of the window, here's the good news: One learns from each error. I've seen so many errors ;) that I now want to make Choowin replace StopMenu !! It is written in best C++, uses Reaction, and last but not least I know what I have programmed. And that's not all - the prefs part of StopMenu is not forgotten, but replaced by a connection to MainPrefs !! So both programs will form the beginning of the new environment, where also ClassAction can join. The new project will consist of the taskbar with start menu that allows to open the prefs and later the file manager. Other programs will have the possibility to get an icon in the taskbar.

That's a lot - but the three programs exist, Choowin will grow to StopMenu's functionality (well, not exactly the same) and all of them will be joined to the new MRE ("mainmenu with Reaction enhancements").

You can find a first screenshot of the startmenu on my homepage, the first version will be available soon.


Martin» (sd)

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