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Thomas Zahren (ANF)

Nostalgica: Amiga Graphics artist + programmer Jim Sachs
While looking around the news pages of CHIP.DE I found a link to the aquarium screensaver in the news on the new Windows XP and it's "self-made plus package". This screensaver was programmed by Jim Sachs.

Until then I had no idea of this name, but as I then looked at "About the Author" (title link) on the website, some known pictures of the author from Amiga days turned up. A link on this page shows many pictures of his work history, too.

With another link on the same site the Amiga is mentioned again in an interview. To smile: To the surprised interviewer's questions, how it comes that the download of this emotive Windows screensaver is just about 600k in size:
RADEONIC: Probably one of the things that surprised me most was the size of the download. Did you spend a lot of time optimising the code, and did you have any special tricks for compressing textures?
JS: No, I haven't really started to optimize the code yet. Coming from the Amiga, where everything had to fit on a 770k floppy, I am utterly amazed at how huge PC apps have become. What could these programmers possibly be filling up all those megabytes with? The whole ascii source code for the program? The phone book for their area code?

It was a pleasure to me to accidently stumble upon this programmer and those Internet sites and thereby to learn, that he still likes the Amiga, allthough he changed the system. (ps) (Translation: mj)

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