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Dreamolers: MP3TagEditor Version 2.0
After a very long time a new version of MP3TagEditor by Rybcia/D-CAPS was released! MP3Tag is an ID3 tag editor for Mp3 files. It offers many features like creating tags from filename or filename from tags. Program uses MUI and id3tag.library.

For all those have been waiting for a GlowIcon style button set for VisualPrefs we've got a nice surprise.

SHORT: Coll mp3 tag editor
AUTHOR: Rybcia/Dreamolers-CAPS
REQUIREMENTS: MUI, OS3.0, id3tag.library

Invented and developed by Rybcia/D-CAPS.

MP3TagEditor features: reads/saves ID3Tags version 1.0 to 2.4, has a nice MUI based GUI, supports drag&drop and more...

Future: multiple selection, cooler GUI

Download: MP3TagEditor.lha (ps)

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