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AMIGA 2001: first report
To give you first impressions of the fair here's a beforehand report in which we concentrate on current hardware products.

Highly interesting is the first official presentation of the Pegasos computer on which the operating system MorphOS is running. Gerald Carda demonstrated us a test program that displays plasma effects. Not accelerated (68060 speed) the program displays 4 frames per second (FPS). The same program compiled for MorphOS shows 192 FPS.

In conversation with Thomas Knäbel and Gerald Carda we have got still more interesting information which we'll present comprehensive in our final report. This beforehand: Developer systems will be available in the beginning of January 2002, computers for end users will follow appr. 8 -12 weeks later.

The highlight of Haage&Partner is a x86 computer built into a luxury tower with stylish design and installed Amithlon. The corpus of the computer is of aluminium, the front side is made of azure blue plastic.

Of course, the developers of the PCI busboards didn't miss the show, either. Elbox presented their Mediator system and DCE the G-REX board.

Thorsten Hansen of Kato Development presented us the prototype of the Melody successor. In addition to the functions of the Melody has this card the following particularities:
  • MP3 audios can not only be decoded in real time but alos encoded.
  • Analogue mixer function
  • Digital input/output (optical/coaxial)

Jens Schönfeld of Individual Computers presented us a preseries model of the interface card VarioIO that will be available before Christmas. The Delfina could unfortunately not be shown.

Based on a Logitech 2 buttons mouse Schönfeld has developed a real Amiga resp. Atari mouse. Here will the production begin in the next days, too.

Michael Böhmer presented his USB controller Subway with which you can connect common USB devices to the clock port of the A1200. Up to four external devices can be used without any additional hub. VMC has already started with the driver development. For now there are drivers for mouse and keyboard available. Planned are drivers for printers, digital cameras and scanners. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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