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Jan Andersen (VHT-ML)

Virus Help Denmark: Chat-Room
«The Virus Help Teams around the World has opened a chat room, where you can chat with members of any Virus Help Team (if we are in the room), and other members that might have some virus problems. To coincide with being a browser-friendly environment, we have not left any chatters hanging, without a way to join up with us to chit-chat, the easy way.

No JavaScript or IRC program is required. All you need to do is register your handle, with a password, and come on in. :-) The Handle registration link, is found on the login page.

Please bear in mind, this is a family type chat room, and all normal courtesies and language is expected. Thank you

The chat time is set at Eastern Standard Time (EST), so if you would like to check the EST zone against your own, you can check the time zone at the log-in page.

You can join our chat-room at this address:

(Thanks to Charlene VHT-Canada, for setting this chat-room up)» (sd)

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