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Marcel Rohles (ANF)

Game: New adventure game under development, nostalgica all around Space Rat
Marcel Rohles wrote:
Who did not fell for the adventures of old tradition in the style of Lucas Arts or Sierra?

Probably nobody can exculpate himself from this. Everyone of us once was bound to this fever to free Guybrush from an embarrassing situation, just to see him stumbling right into the next one.

But, what has happened to this? What about the adventure genre? Does it have to be 3D all the time?

If you are able to unhesitant and in peace of conscience say no to the latter question, I recommend the page about 'Space-Rat Tukult' warmly to you.

Yes, it's true - Space Rat will come back. A mind-blowing combination of classic adventure game and Ziggy, the Space Rat, which enriched the ASM until lastly.

By some kind words certainly the team would be willing to develop for the Amiga, too. The news of November 17 already question that, for example.

Last but not least I would like to cite the Tukult team, for I even wasn't able to say it better: 'So, if you also belong to those people grown up with rubber chicken with snap-hooks underside and jerrycans on Mars, it is to say that you've discoverd the Holy Grail by comming to this page.'

There's only one thing left for me to say in this sense: 'Ziggy to the (A)miggy!' (sd) (Translation: mj)

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