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H. Ogino, Japan Amiga User Group (ANF)

Club: JAUG with New Areas
H. Ogino wrote:
Japan Amiga User Group's homepage has now three new areas: "Buy/Sell/Free", "TechAdvice" and "AmiPics".

You can buy and sell or offer for free your Amiga stuff at the "Buy/Sell/Free" area.

At the "TechAdvice" area you can read technical solutions on problems that Amiga computers and hardware have. It is, for instance, about heat problems, etc.

At the area of "AmiPics" there are many vivid and significant pictures of Amiga computers, cards, chips, mice, etc., taken by one of Japan's Amiga power-users. Really beautiful pictures!

Many non-Japanese Amiga users subscribed already to Japan Amiga User Group (JAUG) such as from Germany, U.K. France, Rumania and Mexico. So it is the time for you too to subscribe to JAUG (title link)! The subscribing fee is FREE, of course! (sd)

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