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Gabriele Greco (sdl-amiga ML)

Library: SDL V1.2.3 Beta
On 2. December 2001 Gabriele Greco published the Beta-version 1.2.3 of the Multimedia-Library "SDL" for AmigOS and MorphOS. All the improvements and bug fixes of 1.2.3. should have been implemented in this version.

The following amiga-specific improvements have been made:
  • Completely compatible with libnix (the 68k as well as the MorphOS version). Some demos (testsprite, testpalette) show that the libnix-version is 30% faster than the ixemul-version
  • Bugfix: A crash or a corruption of the memory list was possible in the hardware-accellerating and full-screen mode.
  • Modification: General clean up of the CyberGFX-Codes. Maybe this has also removed the Colors-Bug of Picasso 96 (wasn't tested).
Gabriele Greco is hoping to finish the final version by next weekend in order to add the new sources to the official Source and Development-Package on the official site SDL-Site.

The archive contains: include, docs, gcc 68k lib, SAS/C 68k lib and gcc MorphOS PPC lib.

The SDL enables the platform-independent programming of games and multimedia products.

Download: (sd) (Translation: sr)

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