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Amiga Inc.

Amiga board elects Frank Wilde as Chairman of the Board (update)
Carsten Schröder of Amiga Aktuell explains in a special the following terms:
"First of all for clarification: in American companies the "chairman" is the head of the "Board of Directors", some sort of administrative council which is elected by the company shareholders and decides on the basic company politics as well as announcing the "Executive Officers" who are responsible for daily business. Thus the chairman has - at least formally - a higher influence as for example the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a company."

Wilde brings 18 years of experience in the personal computer industry to Amiga's Board of Directors

(December 6, 2001) The Board of Directors for Amiga Inc. have elected Frank Wilde as its new Chairman of the Board. 

Mr. Wilde will bring his many years of experience and leadership to Amiga to help expand its business into new markets while releasing new products.

Mr. Wilde joins Amiga from Ravisent Technologies where he was President and Chief Executive Officer. Frank was appointed Chief Executive Officer of RAVISENT Technologies Inc. in April of 1998, a year after joining the company as Director and President.  Wilde brings over eighteen years of sales, marketing and business development experience in the computer industry holding key industry positions at IBM, Dell Computer Corporation and Memorex Telex Corporation. He has over 15 years P&L experience and is a veteran of six startup companies and has led or been a team member of companies that have raised over 300 million in venture funding. He strongly believes in developing highly competitive and fast growing organizations that enable individuals and teams to grow and develop their professional capabilities in such a way that shareholder value is maximized. Wilde was instrumental in the planning and execution of the company's transition from a hardware company to a software Intellectual Property licensing company. Under his leadership, RAVISENT was able to raise $18 million in private funding in June of 1998. Wilde also led the company through the IPO process, taking the company public in July of 1999, raising $61.4 million.   RAVISENT's flagship product family, CinePlayer, offers consumers a single look-and-feel PC solution for interactive playback of a wide variety of multimedia formats - including CD Audio, MPEG audio, MPEG video, DVD, Dolby Digital audio, MP3 audio, LPCM audio, digital television (DTV), analog (traditional) television, high definition television (HDTV), and "time-shifted" television broadcasts (so-called digital video recorder files or DVR).

“I had many choices on where I wanted to go next and where the best opportunity for the future was.  Bill McEwen and I had been speaking for many months on business plans and other issues, and after meeting with the team, and viewing the technology and their partners, there was no better choice for me than joining Amiga" said Frank Wilde, Chairman of Amiga, Inc. "The Amiga has an amazing past and is well known at Ravisent, but seeing what I have seen of the technology, they have even a brighter future, and I am pleased to be here".

"Frank brings a level of expertise and knowledge that is second to none. His level of excitement and dedication to Amiga, will be seen shortly as we continue to build and release new products" said Bill McEwen, President and CEO of Amiga, Inc.   "I look forward to working with Frank, and the two of us working with the community and our partners on building a very solid future".

Over the years, Wilde and RAVISENT received recognition from numerous business and technology organizations. Most recently, RAVISENT was recognized as the #7 in the 2000 Deloitte & Touche Fast 50 - Fastest Growing Technology Companies in Eastern Pennsylvania. He was also recognized as a Technology Pioneer, an award that is developed jointly by the World Economic Forum and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu to recognize the world's fastest growing, most technologically innovative companies. In 1999, RAVISENT was named the #1 in the Deloitte & Touche Fast 50 - Fastest Growing Technology Companies in Eastern Pennsylvania. Also, RAVISENT was recognized as the #9 in the 1999 in the Deloitte & Touche Fast 500 - Fastest Growing Technology Companies in the United States. In April of 1999, RAVISENT was ranked #8 in the Electronic Business list of Top 20 Small Electronics Companies. Frost & Sullivan granted RAVISENT the 1998 Marketing Engineering Competitive Strategy Award because the company was able to create and implement an effective competitive strategy. 

Wilde received a Bachelor's degree in business administration from Seton Hall University. He is a member of the American Management Association, American Electronics Association, USA Reserves Officers Association, Special Forces Decade Association and the Army Aviation Association of Aviators and Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity. He has also been named to Who's Who in International Business and awarded the Republican National Committee "Businessman of the Year" award for 1999.

About Amiga

Amiga Inc. provides technology to developers for writing and porting applications to a new multi-media operating system which is hardware agnostic. AmigaDE is a joint development effort between the Tao Group of Reading, England, and Amiga Incorporated. AmigaDE based applications can run unchanged on x86, PowerPC, M Core, ARM, StrongARM, MIPS R3000, R4000, R5000, SH 3, SH4, and NEC V850 processors. The AmigaDE can run hosted on Linux, Embedded Linux, Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, CE and QNX4. AmigaDE Player and applications for the AmigaDE Environment can be purchased at   Amiga is based in Snoqualmie, WA, 28 miles east of Seattle and has offices worldwide. Amiga can be reached at (425) 396-5660 or visit Amiga on the web at (ps) (Translation: rh)

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