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Amiga: NDK V3.9 released
Since Friday the update of the native developer kit on AmigaOS 3.9 is available for download at the AmigaOS 3.9 area of

The NDK v3.9 bases on the NDK 3.5 released on "Amiga Developer CD 2.1" and is in part identical with this.

The example programs are mostly the same, as well as the tutorials and tools. C headers and assembler headers, linker libraries, autodocs, and ARexx interface documentaions for the Workbench have been updated. New are the "release note files" and the so called "sfd files".

amiga.lib stubs, clib prototyp header-, pragma header, and .fd files are all generated by the sfd files.

As an example tool for processing sfd files "sfd" is included in the tools directory - but, one can also use third-party tools like "fd2pragma" (by Dirk Stöcker). Note: sfd files of this release have been "sanified", meaning protected and internal data are left out.

C header files have been cleared and their syntax were verified again. They now compile problemless with SAS/C and GCC, even if all compiler warnings are enabled.

This release contains no specific GGC header files, but this might change in future updates.

As of this writing, the specific requirements for GCC on the native 68k and on the PowerPC platforms are still somewhat uncertain. To the best of our knowledge, the compiler specific header files would have covered the ROM interface, that is, the pragma header files only. As the "sfd" files are provided with this distribution, you should be able to rebuild your platform specific header files yourself, or obtain a set from your compiler vendor.

This NDK update also represents a milestone regarding the assembler header files. With this release these are no longer guaranteed to by synchron to their counterparts in C.

Questions, bugreports, and wishes regarding the NDK 3.9 should be send directly to that person, who created this updated: Olaf Barthel.

Thanks to all who contributed to this update, including Martin Blom, Don Cox, James Jacobs, Gunther Nikl, Alastair M. Robinson, Matt Sealey, Steven Solie, Martin Steigerwald, Dirk Stöcker, Neil William, and others!

(Other sources: Stefan Kleinheinrich und MichaelV on ANF)

Download: NDK_3.9.lha (2,9M) (sd) (Translation: mj)

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