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Thomas Unger (E-Mail)

The Kickstart Archives V1.3
With permission of Alex Lupták, Gregory Donner and Ian Chapman you can now also browse through the newest versions of hardware reference Lex Site (ca. 80 MB), the Workbench Nostalgia and the Big Book of Amiga Hardware (ca. 90 MB) offline.

  • updated: Workbench Nostalgia of Gregory Donner (07/01/2002)
  • updated: The Big Book of Amiga Hardware of Ian Chapman (27/12/2001)
  • updated: Lex Site of Alex Lupták (21/11/2001)
  • added: Haynie's Garage Sale!
  • added: User Guides, Manuals, Service Manuals as PDF-files
    • Commodore A590 Service Manual
    • Commodore A1060 User's Guide
    • Commodore A2088/2286 Manual
  • updated: Search index for client offline search engine

Dave Haynie gave the permission using the pictures and texts of his eBay-offer "Haynie's Garage Sale!". These sites contain interesting background information of many products and prototypes of the Commodore's developing department.

Amiga, Inc. (Vince Pfeifer) and MacroSystem Digital Video AG (Ibrahim Tertemiz) gave the permission to publish manuals of their products as PDF-files on the CD. Manuals of XiPaint, Samplitude and MovieShop of MacroSystem are not included. The first manuals are included but more producers and manuals will follow.

The index of the search engine allows you search for headwords of all new sites which were added. For using it you must have a browser with full JavaScript support. This function offers none of the presently available Amiga browsers. Therefore you have to use different operating systems. Of course the link page works fine on each system. Unfortunately under Linux there are some restrictions because at the beginning the use of small/capital letters when creating files has been neglected.

You can look at all PDF-files on Amiga with the help of the current version of Apdf. THE KICKSTART ARCHIVES costs USD/EUR 10,- (without transport costs, Germany EUR 1,50, Europe EUR 3,- and worldwide USD 3,- normal and USD 5,- air mail). You have to pay USD/EUR 5,- (without transport costs) for updating your old version. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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