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Andre Beer (ANF)

Geographic: GeoWorld Update 13
GeoWorld V1.13 is a geographic-program for Amiga, sold as shareware. After five years of constant development the new version (1.13) offers the follwing features:

  • Extensive information about 192 countries (misc, economical, political, sociological, historical and environmental data, maps and flags and much more)
  • NEW: The full version contains about 440KB of historical textbased information.
  • Worldmap, continents, and more than 200 maps can be displayed in a fullscreenmode (nearly 5MB of pictures)
  • You can display one country on the worldmap and on the map of the continent
  • Information about the biggest cities of the earth (alltogether 6119 cities), among the others there are 1850 cities in Germany and 1100 in the USA; 99% of the included cities can be displayed on the map.
  • Information about international organizations and about the members of these organizations.
  • Very userfriendly
  • Export of maps (including the displayed cities)
  • Extensive search and sort functions
  • Print (print into a file or into the clipboard)
  • Online-help (explenations about windows, buttons and so on)
  • A quiz (there are about 20 different kind of questions for example about misc data about cities or countries) with a highscore function
  • Convert between nearly 170 currencies (including the EURO) and information about each of them
  • Highly customizeable (screenmode, font, search-functionality and much more
  • The floppy version includes a printed documentation (21 pages)
  • Other languages will soon be available (a english version is still in progress)
At last, after a long time an update of GeoWorld (to version 1.13) is now available. More information and the download links can be found at the homepage of GeoWorld. (ps) (Translation: sk)

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