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Andreas Magerl (E-Mail)

Chat with bplan at #AmigaFun
#AmigaFun: Realtime chat with Salvador Fernandez Gomez of bplan

On Monday, 21st January 2002, you can chat with Salvador Fernandez Gomez of bplan at the IRC Amiga channel #AmigaFun. He is known as one of the minds of bplan, well known with Pegasos. In the near future Pegasos will be released. You can ask him about bplan, Pegasos, and maybe some questions about MorphOS. The chat is organised with the help of Amiga Future.

You can reach the IRC channel #Amigafun this way:

IRC Server (without "irc."):
IRC Port: 6667
IRC Kanal: #amigafun

If the server malfunctions you can get access via this server: (without "irc.")


You can reach the chat also via the #AmigaFun Homepage, Amiga Future Homepage and from the Forum as HTML chat.

But we cannot guarantee that this HTML chat will function perfectly and programs like AMIRC and BlackIRC are more comfortable so we recommend to use an IRC client.

The used languages are German and English and the logfiles will be available at the Amiga Future and #AmigaFun homepages. (ps) (Translation: gf)

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