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VWP News (E-Mail)

Audio: WaveTracer DS now Freeware
Virtual Worlds Productions writes:
The WaveTracer DS, a substantial soundtool, that supports surround sound and editing apart from a lot of known standard functions, is now available as freeware. It can be downloaded free of charge from

All copyright references which refer to shareware or any commercial sale are not valid any longer. The complete package can now be freely circulated as long as the data files have not been modified.

VWP keeps the copyright. For further information about installation and software check out

Amiga: We need your help!
We have reason to believe that the former distributor of WaveTracer DS sold more units than he actually registered with us. In order to prove this presumed miscalculation we need the help of all those who have bought the WaveTracer DS in recent years.

Under a form is available where you can fill in your data anonymously. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail stating when you bought your WaveTracer DS and at what price.

Virtual Worlds Productions would like to thank you for your efforts in advance.

We also regret that the further development of the WaveTracer DS was amongst other things also stopped due to a lack of interest. That this assumtion turned out to be wrong has unfortunately become apparent too late. (sd) (Translation: sr)

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