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Thilo Köhler (ANF)

Audio: New audioprocessing program "Samplemanager"
You can find version 0.10 of my audio reworking tools "Samplemanager" in the Aminet for download. It loads/saves AIFF, WAV, MAUD, 8SVX, CDDA and RAW samples and is in "Audiomaster" style for easy handling and usage. The routines are written high optimized 68k Assembler and very fast.

Some features of the tool:
  • "Aussteuern" to 0dB
  • In-/Out fading
  • Cut spaces on start and stop
  • realtime effects like Compressor / Softclipper / Stereospreader/ Equalizer/ Enhancer/ Autotune
  • sample rates / bit resolution / converting data formats
  • complete Undo History
Some bugfixes since version 0.9 were done. The title link leads to the search requester of the Aminet. (ps) (Translation: gf)

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