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Dirk Baeyens (E-Mail)

Amiga Inc.: Executive Update

Bill McEwen discusses the status of a new Set-top Box partner for the Amiga DE.

Greetings one and all:

I have been receiving many e-mails reminding me of the need to announce the STB OEM partner. We are well aware that it was scheduled for last week and we were expecting the legal department of the partner to have released the press release. Unfortunately, when you are dealing with multi-billion dollar companies, it can more often than not take longer than planned.

We did receive the OK to announce to our developers and this was accomplished last week. So all of the NDA developers do know about the deal and the details of the singed OEM deal, however we are going to have to wait a little while longer for the rest of the Amiga community to see the public release.

I am sorry, but it will be worth the wait. In fact we will probably have a couple more that we can announce at the same time.

So the NDA developers were notified last week, and we should have the public announcement out by next week.

Bill McEwen
CEO Amiga Inc. (ps)

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