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Dino Papararo (ANF)

Graphic fractale: FlashMandelWOS Version 1.6
Version 1.6 of FlashMandelWOS has been uploaded on Aminet in gfx/fract directory. With FlashMandel you can explore fractal space and create your own pictures.

These are the main features:
Full functional program for rendering Mandelbrot & Julia fractals with different exponents. Support for ECS/AGA/RTG and 68020+/PPC with an FPU Amiga or compatible systems. Uses new Reaction GUI, Localization, and has an Installer script also to easy update or uninstall the program. C & Asm 68k/PPC sources included! It's really fast even on old Amigas and should be also compatible with all new Amiga clones and it's free.

This has changed in the new version:
  • Extended the Z = Zē + C formula to Z = Z^(2^n) + C with 1 <= n <= 11.
  • Added the new ToolType POWER default to 1 for the classic Mandelbrot & Julia formulas.
  • Fixed some little Reaction default pubscreen mistakes.
  • Default coords are now (-2,+1.125i) and (+1,-1.125i).
  • Splitted the archive into 2 parts one for pictures pix/fract/FlashMandelPic.lha and other for program to reduce the size of the archive.
  • Some minor internal changes and improvements.
  • Recompiled and linked with new AmigaOS 3.9 developer archive includes and libs.
  • Updated the docs and installer to reflect new changes.
  • and much more...
In next version is planned an AREXX port to control the program in auto mode to build anim movies and a special benchmark mode to evaluate the CPU/FPU/MEM speed of 'OLD' real Amigas 68K/PPC VS 'NEW' software clones (UAE & company), stay tuned. (ps)

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