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Dennis Lohr (ANF)

Music: DigiboosterPro Community organizing a Mod-Compo
Would you like to...
  • have fun?
  • meet with likeminded?
  • be creative?
  • let them all see?
  • the ultimate challenge?
  • be the BEST?
...then the DigiboosterPro Community is your place to be!

From 01. February 2001 the Digiboster Community will organize a Module-Competition. How that runs? Quite easy: You have to track a so called module (DBM) with DigiboosterPro while observing the rules given. We will give everybody the chance to participate, to have a great variety of several kinds of music in this competition. You will find more detailed information about the rules and how this Mod-Compo runs under the title link. (ps) (Translation: mj)

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