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XBaze Site

Data base: XBaze version 7.1
Rafal Kaczmarczyk has released version 7.1 of his data base 'XBaze'. The program offers an easy-to-use editor for the fields of the data records and the layout (drag'n drop). It runs from AmigaOS V3.0 on.

Bug reports and suggestions can be sent to the following address:

This version contains the following changes:

  • Added new tooltypes:
    - NOSIZEABLE - main window can't be resized.
    - NONAVBUTTS - window without navigation buttons.
    - 3DLOOK - navigation buttons will have 3D-look.
  • Added possibility to assign ARexx programs to TEXT fields. Programs will be called during every record refresh.
  • Added new option: "Project|Define..." used to define fields.
  • Menu "Edit|Markers|" was divided to : "Edit|Mark|" and "Edit|Unmark|".
  • Added following menu items: - "?|Help..." - calls on-line help
    - "?|Shortcuts..." - calls on-line help
    - "?|e-mail..." - opens mail program
    - "Navigation|Next|Marked" - goes to next marked record
    - "Navigation|Next|Unmarked" - goes to next unmarked record
    - "Navigation|Prev|Marked" - goes to previous marked record
    - "Navigation|Prev|Unmarked" - goes to previous unmarked record
    - "Navigation|First|Marked" - goes to the first marked record
    - "Navigation|First|Unmarked" - goes to the first unmarked record
    - "Navigation|Last|Marked" - goes to the last marked record
    - "Navigation|Last|Unmarked" - goes to the last unmarked record
  • Added on-;ine help available under [Help] key.
  • New popupmenu for navigation gadgets in window border.
  • Gadgets "Reset to default" and "Last saved" in program settings window was moved to popup menu.
  • Added posibility to change placement of toolbar, you can change it using settings or tooltypes.
  • New options in program settings window, suitable to tooltypes: NOSIZEABLE, NONAVBUTTS.

Download: XB-7.1.lha (561 KB) (ps) (Translation: wk)

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