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Virus Help Denmark

Virus Help Denmark: WatchDog 2.5
On 25 January 2002 Zbigniew Trzcionkowski released with version 2.5 the latest snapshot of his memory surveillance tool 'Watchdog'. In this version further tests have been added amongst other things. Compared to version 2.1 the following details have changed:
  • added ToolType 'IgnoreSnoopDos' - currently this is the only patcher I have decided to include since in future I want to use heuristics to analyse ANY patches...
  • added 'WatchDog' position in WB/Tools menu. After watching this requester memory test is performed too...
  • added new memory installation and new timing routines... a. read: memory deprotection of WatchDog together with xvs should be more difficult for virus now... b. time between memory checks is adjusted using AI features and varies somewhere between 5 and 10 seconds (depending on system and user activity)... c. fixed little bit my unfreezing toy...
  • added few more vital Exec vectors to memcheck...
  • added checker for some important dos vectors (with $4ef9 opcode generic restorer)
  • added some debug tooltypes - no need to mention them here...
  • added S:startup-sequence and S:user-startup notification so that any change (or deletion) of these important files is reported to the user. If You don't know what that notification is You'd better believe me that it slows no machine and causes no accesses to the watched files...
  • added ToolType 'NoNotify' to switch off ability mentioned above :)

The tool uses the xvs.library in order to check every three seconds if the memory contains any known virus. All further features of the program are explained in the documentation.

Watchdog runs from AmigaOS 2.04 and needs the xvs.library.

Download: WatchDog.lha (19K), Readme (sd) (Translation: sr)

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