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Amiga Future

Game: Graphic designers wanted for Ermentrud
The website of the game Ermentrud has been updated . It now shows first images of the adventures as they appear in the game. At the same time it becomes obvious that the game is in the process of being developed since the Inga engine has finally reached the beta version 1.0 (not yet published).

Ermentrud requires a lot of graphic design and some graphic designers are still needed for the background images.

These images are supposed to be scanned pencil drawings which are coloured in by the computer. The following skills are required:
  • Being able to draw very well, according to the style of the example image.
  • Opportunity to scan (with good quality).
  • Not necessary but desirable: being able to colour in images, according to the style of the second example image.
The payment is based on profit share after the game has been published. Unfortunately Inutilis can't afford a pre-payment since the whole project is more or less a spare time activity.

Please mail your applications including drawings to (sd) (Translation: sr)

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