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Sebastian Beloch (ANF)

Messenger: StrcICQ first V2 BETA released
The first beta-version of the new client V2 is now available at the titlelink.

Download: STRICQv2.lha

Important information:

  1. Unarchive to its own directory. STRICQ and STRICQ v2 are incompatible.
  2. Only run STRICQ v2 from a shell prompt (I have not tested it with an icon, are you brave?)
  3. There is a lot of debug output to the shell window, you may need to send me a copy of it.
  4. Run the program, it will not be able to get online right away.
  5. Enter your Nick (whatever), your UIN, and your Password. Click 'Save'.
  6. Close the program by using the close window button on the contact list window.
  7. Your prefs are now saved.
  8. Restart the program and if all went well, you should now be online.

Know Problems and Caveats: IMPORTANT!
  • You can not add contacts manually yet. If you have never used ICQ2001b, don't bother using STRICQ v2 at this time.
  • If you have used ICQ2001b before, STRICQ v2 will import your contact list from the server.
  • You can't close the prefs window, so don't try. :-)
  • If you get an enforcer hit, please forward it/them to me on the mailing list.
  • You will need the latest versions of NList, NListtree, and TextInput.
(ps) (Translation: sk)

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