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Amiga Arena

Amiga Arena: Interview with Richard Smedley (UltraAccounts)
Amiga Arena - Interview
Richard Smedley, developer of the homebanking software UltraAccounts, just released an update that enables the usage of the Euro with UltraAccounts. UltraAccounts is shareware, the first version was available 9 years ago. The English version of the interview is available here.

Olaf Köbnik: "This interview once again turns out how much important feedback is for the developers. Whether or not development of "UltraAccounts" will be continued in the future depends on if there are users interested in this. It would be more than a pitty, if another developer would stop development due to lack of feedback!"

Note of own concern:
Dear Amiga friends! "Amiga Arena" might stop its service in the foreseeable future. The first measures will not be taken before easter.

Olaf Köbnik - Amiga Arena
(ps) (Translation: sk)

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