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Virus Help Denmark

Virus Help Denmark: VirusZ III Version 0.96
Well, this is the best news in 2002 (so far).. Georg Hoermann has started to update VirusZ III, and a new full update is now available for download at our homepage.

Here is some info about the update:

Name: VirusZ III v0.96
Archive name : Vz3_096.lha
Archive size: 35.575 Bytes
Date: 27 January 2002
Programmer: Georg Hörmann
Requires: OS 2.04+, xvs.library

Neu in VirusZ III v0.96:

  • Once again written by Georg Hörmann, as Dirk Stöcker doesn't have any time. No longer beta version, because all features are working well, missing ones are no reason for a beta release.
  • Fixed bug in vector check that appeared with xvs.library 33.37. No longer uses private stuff from inside the library.
  • Fixed bug in vector check startup code invented by Dirk's updates. No longer uses uninitialized gadget pointers.
  • Added 'Show...' function for 'Data Viruses' from xvs.library.
  • Rearranged 'File Check Preferences' back to just one window after Dirk replaced the old archive stuff with XAD.
  • Added missing 'ROM Update' memlist entries to the brain. But: There still exists one entry that cannot be added because of missing static data.
  • Added recognition for MuForce and MuGuardianAngel patches.

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