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Olivier Fabre

Screenblanker: Matrix Version 1.8 for 68020 and MorphOS
Oliver Fabre has released version 1.8 of his screen saver 'Matrix'. The blanker requires OS3.1 and CGX/P96. The following changes were made:

  • Fixed graphic bug introduced in 1.7: character erasure was one pixel too big horizontally and vertically.
  • Changed default screen selection (when no modeid is given): now opens a 4 (under AGA) or 8 (under CGX) bit depth screen of the same size as the WB, or of the size given by the Width and Height tooltypes. If that fails, clone the WB screen (that was the default behaviour previously). Using a lower depth screen should improve the speed (and it is necessary for the ColourCycle option to work).
  • Added Colour option to change the Matrix colour. [Rafo]
  • Added ColourCycle option to cycle through all colours of the palette, like the WB blanker does...
  • Changed ThreadsLength to be a percentage of the screen height (threadslength=100 means 1 thread per column in average, 50 means 2 threads, etc.). Default value 75.
  • Changed commodity name from "Matrix Blanker" to "MatrixBlanker" for MagicExchange usage. [DET Nicolas]
  • Minor fixes and improvements...
Download: Matrix_1.8.lzx (86 KB)
(ps) (Translation: rh)

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