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Andreas R. Kleinert (E-Mail)

Andreas R. Kleinert: References to pirate copies of my programms wanted
Today, I read the article about shareware and pirate copies on Very interesting. Well, it is that from time to time people send me illegal keyfiles and/or key generators for my programs - sometimes refering to the source where to find those.

This often enables me to deactivate the respective keys, which respond to a certain pattern. So there are faithful users too - who nevertheless stumble upon such things from time to time - and help program authors to embank pirate copying.

I would like to offer the following to those users:

Who will send me keyfiles for my programs (or the respective generators), up to now not recognized as "pirate keys" by those, will receive an original keyfile at a time. In especially fiddly cases I will charge even more. For multi-transmittal applies: "The first to send in, will win".

Naturally data will be kept in confidence and anonymous if desired (the real name is only required for the keyfile).

P.S.: Dubious software gets tested under UAE, insofar transfecting virsues is useless. (ps) (Translation: mj)

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