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David McMinn (ANF)

Programming Language: AmiBlitz2 Version 2.24
Version 2.24 of the programming language AmiBlitz has been published. If you have bug reports please do not send them to the uploader but to the mailinglist to avoid double bug reports.

In order to subscribe the mailinglist please send a mail to For unsubscribing please send a mail to


Original message:
The Blitz2000 site is dedicated to bringing you the best information and resources about the programming language AmiBlitz2 (formerly Blitz Basic 2). It has been updated and a new version of AmiBlitz2 has been released (v2.24 - both an update and a full user-distribution). Loads of other smaller updates have been made (mainly more documentation and source examples).

Check out the news page for a full list of changes. (ps)

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