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Olaf Köbnik (email)

Amiga Arena: interview with Stefan Blixth and Aural illusion source
Amiga Arena - Interview
Stefan Blixth, known to many people better as "OnyxSoft", has up to now developed numerous tools for the Amiga. OnyxBase, QuickNote, Graphica are only some where Graphica is still in the alpha state and not released, yet.

The Amiga Arena talked to Stefan Blixth about his new programs and a very comprehensive comment by Stefan completes the interview. The interview is available in German and English.

PuzzelBOBS news
On the PuzzelBobs support site of the Amiga Arena is the module "Rockers Galore" by "Up Rough System" available for download! Matching the puzzle game this module offers a relaxed dub sound! Just copy it into the directory "Module" of PuzzelBOBS!

Aural illusion V. 3.0 source released
The until now unreleased source code of the unfortunately never published sound sampler Aural illusion V 3.0 by "Blachford Technology" is now available for download and for free continuation of development. According to Nicolas Blachford can this code used without restrictions.

Download at Blachford Techology.
On interest please send an email to (ps) (Translation: wk)

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