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Amiga Flame

AmigaDE: games and jobs from Kaliko
Kaliko, the makers of 'Last in Line', a puzzle/board game, which came fourth in the Top Ten AmigaDE Games of 2001, have now announced their line-up of AmigaDE games for 2002:
  • BrainTeaser (March/April)
  • Kaliko Minigolf (March/April)
  • Pirate's Puzzle (April/June)

"BrainTeaser: the furry edition" is being developed in cooperation with Quality Team, the makers of the action adventure 'Sixth Sense Investigations'.

BrainTeaser is a game similar to Tetris in which you have to link three or more blocks with the same picture so that they will disappear and there is space for new ones.

The blocks appear from the bottom and you have to move them like a shuffle game in order to link the same blocks with each other. This makes the game harder and more different from other games which are similar to Tetris.

Kaliko would like to release further games this year and for this they need help. They are currently seeking a number of talented individuals such as Amiga-programmers who have good knowledge of VP assembler, C or C++ as well as Amiga-programmers (680x0/PPC) who have sound knowledge of assembler, C or C++. They are also looking for creative game designers and talented 2D artists. If you want to contact them, just send an e-mail to (sd) (Translation: sr)

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