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Christoph Gutjahr (ANF)

Thomas Frieden: More Infos about OS4
Thomas Frieden about the status of OS4:

The informations stated in an earlier update are still valid. No big breakthroughs in the last week (but none are planned, though ;) ).
The Exec Kernel is running in a Simulator (parallel to the normal system). In this time it is ported to the hardware platform.
The rest of the components is in different states of finishing. Some are finished but are waiting for the final converting onto the new kernel (this means just only a recompilation of it).

This is a hint for those who want to start with developing for OS4: Develop for 68k. The sources will be fixed with minor changes to OS4 (it means only one or two lines are added to the sourcecode). You can use the normal Exec API. We will release a beta version for developers that will document the new functions (about 20). It should be a change to PPC at least.

About the computers OS4 will be running on: OS4 needs the Amiga chipsets. Maybe we can change this until release, but that is improbable because some dependencies are placed where you never expect them (e.g. devices). Supported computers are all with Amiga chipsets like CyberstormPPC, AmigaOne, and (maybe) BlizzardPPC (I'm sorry but not all problems with the Blizzard are solved). (ps) (Translation: gf)

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