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Olaf Köbnik (E-Mail)

Amiga Arena: ArtPRO 1.20b - Interview with Frank Pagels
Amiga Arena - Full Version ArtPRO 1.20b
In cooperation with Frank Pagels the Amiga Arena makes possible the ArtPRO full version download.

About the image converter ArtPRO
ArtPRO supports a variety of file formats like ILBM, GIF, TIFF, BMP, and PCX. It can even load more using datatypes. ArtPRO also supports some raw formats like chunky. Images can be saved as bitplane, chunky or truecolor, as binary or source.
ArtPRO's source generator is capable of creating copper lists and sprites. The program offers very fast down calculation of images of very good quality, has a palette optimizer and real time colour bias also working with true colour pictures.

Development to be continued?
ArtPRO was written in 100% assembler. Who seriously would like to continue development might contact Frank Pagels. It really would be a pleasure if someone would do so.

Amiga Arena - Interview
The Amiga Arena talked to Frank Pagels, developer of "ArtPro", about development history and how this all begun. This interview is available in German. (ps) (Translation: mj)

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