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Stephan Rupprecht

Tools: PNGTool v1.1 - CopyIcon v44.4a - SGrab v1.19a
Stephan Rupprecht has updated some of his tools:

  • PGNTool for converting every picture format to PNG is now available in version 1.1. The program needs from this version on the asyncio.library v40 improving the speed by 3%.
    Download: PNGTool.lha

  • The CopyNewIcon clone for OS 3.5 has been released in version 44.4a. New is here the Spanish documentation by D. Dominguez.
    Download: CopyIcon44.lha

  • The screen grabber SGrab is available in version 1.19a. A module problem in the PPC version has been fixed.
    Download: sgrab.lha

(ps) (Translation: wk)

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