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Peter Glauser (E-Mail)

... A historical moment ... (update)
This evening, on the 20. February, there is a moment for one minute which has been only one time, more than thousand years ago!!

Two minutes after 8 pm we will have the following date:

20:02 20.02.2002

This is a register with a perfect symmetry and is called "Palindrom".

This has been happened at

10:01 10.01.1001

more than thousand years ago. This will not happen any more because the maximal digital marking of a day is 23:59. On 30.03 3003 this will not be possible because we do not have 30 hours!

See you!

Peter Glauser
CEO / Manager GmbH

Lizard has pointed out in a commentar that there is another Palindrom on 21:12 21.12.2112 - but this will still last a while :) (ps) (Translation: dr)

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